GREETING - Global Business Expansion? We're Your Trusted Partner.

With over 200 clients in Japan and abroad, Hybrid Marketing is your trusted partner for global business expansion.

Our extensive experience in marketing strategy and execution helps overseas companies enter the Japanese market and Japanese companies expand overseas.


In September 2023, we strengthened our global presence by opening an office in Singapore, a thriving business hub.


When it comes to overseas companies entering the Japanese market, we have experience providing marketing support to a US-based semiconductor manufacturer aiming to acquire customers in Japan. We have also received consultations from Vietnamese real estate investment companies and manufacturing companies, as well as a Singapore-based cloud service company.


We also partner with various companies to meet our clients' diverse needs. This includes domestic tool vendors and creators, as well as overseas companies when necessary. Currently, we are working with Taiwanese research companies and globally expanding CRM companies.


Established in 2009, Hybrid Marketing has a deep understanding of Japanese marketing methods. Our global team speaks various languages, including English and Thai, to ensure smooth communication and cultural understanding.


Contact us today to discuss your business expansion plans in Japan. We would be delighted to share our case studies with you.


We look forward to partnering with you on your journey to success!