Marketing done right, customized for Japan.

Japan’s business mannerisms and customs are unique,
and differ from those of other countries.

Just like in other countries,
in Japan, if a business does not carry out marketing suited
to Japan’s market it will fail

Therefore, businesses looking to break into the Japanese market require the support of marketing professionals who are familiar with the Japanese market.

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Hybridmarketing global eco system

A solid step toward the global market:
The "Global Ecosystem" of Hybrid Marketing

15 years of experience and over 200 clients

Hybrid Marketing has a wealth of marketing knowledge and experience accumulated in Japan and has assisted over 200 clients in the past 15 years.

A "global ecosystem" that bridges the Japanese and overseas markets

In the projects we have undertaken to support client companies expanding into overseas markets, we have always felt that client companies have issues that pre-date marketing and branding.
For example, legal, accounting, human resources, and securing a base (real estate) are issues that cannot be easily resolved because of the global expansion into new regions and countries.
Hybrid Marketing's "Global Ecosystem" is a service that can approach the solution of such issues.

What is the Global Ecosystem?

The Global Ecosystem is a comprehensive support structure established by Hybrid Marketing,
consisting of a worldwide network of partners and experts.

Providing the best solutions for your needs

We will introduce the most suitable partner companies and experts,
and provide consistent services from market research, marketing strategy development, to post-entry support, depending on the client's business, goals, and destination market.

The necessary components of a global ecosystem are:

-Marketing consultants
-Government and administrative agencies
-Law and accounting firms
-Financial institutions
-Recruitment agencies
-Real Estate Agencies

Eliminate concerns about global expansion

Global expansion presents a number of challenges, including differences in culture and customs, legal and regulatory issues, and the difficulty of securing human resources. Global Ecosystem provides solutions to overcome these obstacles and ensure the success of your global expansion.

Global Expansion Issues:

- Cultural and customs differences
- Lack of information on local markets
- Lack of human resources
- Legal and regulatory concerns
- Securing financing and investment opportunities
- Developing an effective marketing strategy

Taking a Comprehensive Approach to
Global Market Expansion:
Comprehensive Hybrid Marketing Support

Hybrid Marketing offers a comprehensive view of the global ecosystem, providing valuable support for your company's global expansion from a marketing and branding perspective.


Market Research and Strategy Development

Based on market research in the region where you plan to enter, we will develop a detailed business development strategy that is consistent with your products and services. We analyze the competitive landscape, customer needs, market size, and other factors in detail and propose the most appropriate market entry methods.


Marketing and Branding Support

Market research indicates the necessity for effective marketing and branding strategies that are precisely tailored to local culture and customs.

-Creation of websites and advertising materials translated into local languages
-Promotional activities using local media and tool vendors
-Building a brand image optimized for local needs


Utilization of Global Network

Hybrid Marketing has established a comprehensive network of domestic and international marketing tool vendors and media, including CRM companies with global operations. We provide multifaceted solutions by collaborating with the most suitable partners according to the challenges and objectives of our clients.


Systems to facilitate a seamless market entry.

In addition to our comprehensive marketing and branding services, Hybrid Marketing offers a one-stop solution for legal, accounting, human resources, and other support services essential for expanding into new markets. Our extensive network allows us to connect you with the most suitable partners, including reliable professional institutions, specialized companies, and organizations.


Why is our company
the right choice for you?

・Deep market insights and culturally-driven strategies
・Integrated marketing & support services
・Trusted global network
・Navigate new markets seamlessly

Global Market Entry Through
Hybrid Marketing Partnerships

Hybrid Marketing works with a diverse range of partners, including government administrative agencies, co-working businesses, and professional networks, to assist clients in expanding into global markets.

Government administrative agencies

1. Government administrative agencies

In collaboration with domestic and international government agencies, including JETRO, the Osaka Bureau of Industry, and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Osaka and Tokyo), we offer support throughout the expansion process, including assistance with identifying and applying for various subsidies and subsidies, gathering information on the destination, and leveraging deregulation measures.

Co-working businesses

2. Co-working businesses

Our network of coworking businesses with offices in Japan and abroad allows us to assist you in finding office space in your new location, recruiting local human resources, joining business communities, and resolving other post-entry issues.

Professional Network

3. Professional Network

If you require expert assistance with legal or IP matters, Hybrid Marketing can facilitate introductions to a network of trusted professionals, including international patent firms and accounting firms. You can be confident that we can provide the expertise you need for legal issues, patent-related issues, tax administration issues, and more.

Securing Human Resources and Bases

4. Securing Human Resources and Bases

We assist in securing local human resources and selecting a base of operations by collaborating with businesses that provide international human resource attendance and companies that are experts in office selection. Our services include the smooth resolution of important post-entry issues such as securing human resources and finding office space.

Financial Institutions

5. Financial Institutions

We can also introduce you to a wide range of financial institutions, including major financial institutions and locally based credit unions, that are necessary for fundraising and money transfers. We will propose the most appropriate financing method for your business, taking into account your business size and objectives.

Market Research

6. Market Research

For market research essential for the formulation of business development strategies and the execution of marketing and branding activities, we collaborate with research institutions capable of conducting surveys in Japan and overseas. We gather accurate information necessary for the development of overseas expansion strategies.

A bridge between two markets:
The synergy between Japanese and foreign companies is realized by a global ecosystem of
hybrid marketing.

The global ecosystem of hybrid marketing is mutually beneficial to Japanese companies seeking to expand their business overseas and foreign companies seeking to expand their business in the Japanese market.

The advantages for Japanese companies include:

The advantages for Japanese companies

- Efficient entry into overseas markets:

Support for local market research, regulatory compliance, and partner selection enables efficient entry into overseas markets.

- Cost reduction:

No need to set up your own overseas offices, reducing your initial investment.

- Risk reduction:

Risks due to differences in culture and business practices can be mitigated with the support of local experts.

- Competitiveness enhancement:

Strengthen your competitiveness by leveraging best practices and know-how in overseas markets.

The Advantages for Foreign Companies include:

The Advantages for Foreign Companies

- Speedy Entry into the Japanese Market:

Support for market research, regulatory compliance, and partner selection in Japan will enable a rapid entry into the Japanese market.

- Expansion of sales channels:

Hybrid Marketing's in-country network offers a valuable opportunity to expand your sales channel.

- Increased brand awareness:

Hybrid Marketing can assist in increasing brand awareness in the Japanese market.

- Improve customer satisfaction:

Hybrid Marketing can help to increase customer satisfaction by providing services tailored to the Japanese market, such as customer support in Japanese.

Hybrid Marketing serves as a conduit between Japan and the rest of the world, facilitating the growth of businesses in both countries. If you are seeking to expand into the global market, Hybrid Marketing offers a robust partnership.

Hybrid Marketing serves as a conduit between Japan and the rest of the world, facilitating the growth of businesses in both countries. If you are seeking to expand into the global market, Hybrid Marketing offers a robust partnership.


Hybrid Marketing’s consultants share with our clients
vital information that allows them to gain an
understanding of Japan’s unique business practices,
branding, and marketing.


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Hybrid Marketing

Non-Japanese companies to whom Hybrid Marketing
provided branding and marketing support
for the Japanese market.  

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